About me! Well, have you ever walked on the road of trying to figure out what you want in life but are still left unfigured? Well, something similar happens when a 22-year-old master in Chemistry student starts to discover the blogger within them…

Let’s discover this journey together.

Today like most of us who might have discovered something new about yourself especially due to covid-19 where we might have learned a skill, express emotions, spent a bunch of time with our family, etc…

I’m here to create real and simple content just by giving our point of view, keeping it raw, and saying our part. ThisorThatblog.com.

The aim of creating this website is to reach out to people, express ourselves, compare between ThisorThat on the topics we’ll be discussing, and be completely transparent about it.

The niche for this website is “No Niche’’, yeah that’s right I don’t want to stick to a particular topic or an idea and speak about just one thing throughout, rather than that the idea is to speak on each and everything we think we have not spoken about and we really wanted guidance about it, sometimes it would be just learning and sharing ideas.

Yes, No Niche ! Sounds different, right?


Yes like thousands of people I have started to create a blog, and to be honest, to date I use to wonder what would write a blog be like, what do these people have to talk about, how do bloggers find and create content, is it easy just to express your opinion by writing, why are people blogging, etc., etc., but today while I pen this down, there’s this adrenaline rush inside me that whether whatever I am writing will it make sense, will people actually read, how would be my first time well actually our first time as “bloggers”.

Creating or expressing yourself in the way you want to, especially while writing isn’t easy, you don’t know what people will read, nor what people think, will we be able to express to the readers but still, we will give it the best shot.

I’ll definitely be posting content regularly, maybe make a few mistakes at times in terms of blogging, etc. but the aim of the journey is learning to improve and make the content better & better day by day. 


I hope you enjoy reading our blogs, give your true reviews, share your stories of discovering yourself,  suggest content, and most importantly support us in the new venture.