Affordable Web hosting services for Bloggers

Affordable Web hosting

“How to get a domain name and host a website?”. Here we’ll compare the best, and most Affordable Web hosting services for Bloggers like Domain racer and Hostinger.

In this blog, we’re progressing to cover everything you need to know about Domain and Hosting and how they differ where we’ll talk over Affordable Web hosting service providers like Domain Racer and Hostinger.

Today having an elfin custom domain with productive web hosting plans is essential for the bloggers, and to buy good web hosting at a reasonable price.

To be smart one has to level up by creating some good content to add to a website.

In this blog, we’re progressing to cover everything you need to know about domain and hosting and how they differ where we will talk about the affordable service providers Domainracer (This) and  Hostinger (That).

Affordable Web hosting

1. Domain Racer (This)

One of the biggest web hosting and domain name providers in the world established in 2000 is Domain Racer.

Along with having several hosting platforms it also includes a wide variety of niche services. They concentrate on shared hosting which is affordable in terms of prices.

Domain also has amazing VPS hosting packages and is broken up into Linux and Windows variants.

There are a lot of features also that come along with domain racer for illustration eCommerce results, Marketing tools, Unlimited shave space,24/7 helpful support, and much fresher.

2. Hostinger (That)

It’s a web hosting and domain name provider which offers various features on its plans.

By having a Hostinger there’s no need to have any other tools for developing the website. It can be applicable for both business and peculiar use with various plans for monthly or annual packages.

Along with providing web hosting and a domain, it’s also a website builder.

By choosing the right plan, templates, and images everything can be freely posted on Hostinger. It provides participating, cloud, VPS, eCommerce, email, Minecraft server, WordPress, CMS hosting.

Here are numberless factors that you need to look at while considering which website needs to be chosen:

Plan & Pricing

The first and foremost essential thing to work on while choosing a website is an impregnable daily price.

With Hostinger, you can get that price by subscribing for its longest billing cycle of forty-eight months while Domain Racer offers it by having you subscribed for thirty-six months.

However, the biggest beneficent factor with Hostinger is that it offers a monthly billing cycle whereas DomainRacer only offers annual billing cycles. It means you’ve to subscribe up for at least one year indeed if you need the service only for a month.

Speedtest and Security

Speed is an essential factor that directly has an impact on the SEO of the website in case the website loads slow. And based on a checkup done by the Pingdom tool.

The Domain Racer site loaded just in1.10 seconds which is a good speed, while the Hosintger site loaded in2.03 seconds. Thus, Domain Racer is a swift and more effective web host than Hostinger.

In terms of security, with Domain Racer, you get more security in the forms of Imunify360 Linux security result, Patchman, and Pyxsoft. Whereas, Hostinger brings you Cloudflare protection that comes with features to safeguard your site from malware, DDoS attacks, etc.


Choosing the correct website helps you get free access to several free features.

There is a multitude of websites that come free along with domain racer for example free SEO tools, the resilience to choose the OS between Linux and Windows, a systematically free website builder, and a lot additional.

Hostinger gives you 30 days while domain racer gives you a 5-day money-back guarantee.


Customer support is another most important aspect. Both web hosts deliver a variety of support options.

While both hostinger and domainracer have several common24/7 live chats, and emails, for clients to communicate with their team,

Hostinger doesn’t offer telephone support and WhatsApp, unlike Domain Racer.


We recommend DomainRacer to host your website because it is better than Hostinger when it comes to hosting features.

As it offers more features, faster hosting, and indeed better support.

Let us know what website you choose for web hosting in comment section.

Until then, keep reading, sharing, and supporting…See ya!<3

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