Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers

Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers

Females often ask: “Where is the best place to go for my first solo trip?”. Thus, today we’ll discuss the Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers.

Some criteria females consider before selecting the Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers such as:-

  • Safety: Solo female travelers are most concerned with their safety, so they should focus on countries with a good safety record and gender equality.
  • Pricing: One of the key factors in solo women’s purchase decisions is affordability. As some countries are too expensive in Europe(Nordic).
  • Popularity: More Popularity means more tourists it goes hand to hand. It is also likely to have several new acquaintances.

Some surveys have found that solo women are unanimously in favor of European countries for solo trips.

Therefore, we’ll discuss the Two Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers which satisfy all the above criteria and make the perfect destination for your next vacation.

1. Spain (This)

Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers

A solo female traveler should consider visiting Spain on their first solo trip.

Spain has a great tourism infrastructure, easy to get around, and has been ranked as the second most visited country worldwide for years.

Also, Spain has one of the lowest crime rates in the world which makes it very safe for females,

It Is one of the most open-minded countries when it comes to attitudes toward women.

The country has something for everyone, from history, architecture, and beaches.

No matter what type of traveler you are, Spain will offer you your ideal getaway, from Barcelona to the museums of Madrid, from the culture of the south to the landscapes of the north.

A thriving community of LGBTQ+ people exists in Spain, and it is widely accepted.

Tourism contributes about 12% of the GDP.

In addition to being one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe, Spain can satisfy any budget.

Accommodations should include hostels(backpackers), public transportation, markets, restaurants, and affordable lodgings for an economical budget.

You can also take a luxury holiday and pamper yourself.

2. Italy(That)

Best Places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers

For solo female travelers as well as for others, Italy is one of the best places to go for their very first solo trip.

Italy has great food, UNESCO sites aplenty, and rich cultural heritage, making it a great destination no matter what your interests may be.

The country is full of incredible places that fill anyone’s imagination but particularly women’s.

Tourist hotspots like Rome, Venice, or Milan are generally safe places, and I recommend you visit them only as other cities are not too safe and thefts do occur occasionally.

Italy is perceived as a friendly country, one that is easy to get around in my car or train and one that can fill days with exploration.

It is the most romantic place and it has a “Je ne sais quoi”(French) that attracts women from all over the world.

There are numerous airports in the country that make it easy for anyone to travel there. Europeans can fly there on a low-cost flight and go for the weekend.


As we discussed, Spain and Italy can be your best shots for your first solo trips. I have inserted the link to the name of cities and what to do in them. I recommend you to visit those sites and choose according to your convenience.

Thank you for reading our post and I hope you found it helpful.

We look forward to hearing about your preferred places in Europe for Solo Female Travelers.

Until then, keep reading, sharing, and supporting…See ya!<3

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