Blog with a Niche or without a Niche?- 3

blog with or without niche

Frequently asked questions by a majority people are ,Blog with a Niche or without a Niche is preferred? Should I create one blog for multiple topics or different blogs for each topic?

In blogging, we often refer to Blog with a Niche or without a Niche but what is “niche”. Do you know?

Well, What is a Niche? -A place that can be directed at one small topic or spans a few topics that fall under a broader category.

A niche can be anything related to your goals, business, etc. 

So, as previously discussed in our first two blogs based on How to start a blog-1 followed by the second blog which was How to start a blog?-2 (Domain racer vs Hostinger), Today in our third and last part we will be covering.

One of the first pieces of advice you’ll hear from almost every blogger is “Find a niche.”

Whether one should Blog with a niche or without a niche?

What if you don’t have any experience blogging, then choosing a niche blind can be incredibly difficult.

Well for instance it can be similar to us when we started blogging we didn’t select a particular niche and in our opinion, the easiest way to get to that point is to start a blog and get to writing about anything that comes to mind while trying to build an audience.

But why niches are so important and how to blog if you don’t have one. Let’s Talk about it.

 Blog with a niche (This) vs Blog without a niche (That)

Blog with a Niche or without a Niche- 3

Blog with a niche

If you come across any bloggers or any websites most of them might certainly be following a niche. The aim of having a niche is to have a particular target audience.

For instance, a huge topic like Health & Fitness and further this is broken down  into smaller topics like the example below

Main Niche: Health & Fitness

Sub Niche: Weight loss, exercise, diet supplements, etc. 

A few important points to consider while choosing a particular niche are firstly doing detailed research on the area of your niche, maintaining a daily publishing schedule, staying updated with the relevant news in the market related to the topic, figuring out a way to monetize your blog.

Choosing a niche requires great potential and a lot of patience especially in terms of connecting to the target audience.

Have you heard of the famous proverb Rome was not built in a day” .

Similarly, choosing a niche and expecting it to grow in a short period of time isn’t possible.

And if you are absolutely new in the world of blogging, choosing a niche might be tricky. 

Blog without a niche

Oftentimes sticking to a particular topic might make one lose interest or even make the blog boring at one time, though this might not be true for everyone. 

However, if you are fond of writing and wish to pen down thoughts not following a niche would be a great idea. Even though many people assume or have stereotypes that blogs that don’t follow a particular niche are not quite out there in public but it is absolutely not true because at the end of the day it is the quality of content that matters rather than the number of words in it.

In fact, writing your own personal experience, telling your story makes blogging much easier.

If you are planning to start a blog but can’t figure out a Niche then we would definitely suggest you write about whatever you want for a while. Not having a niche is fun it helps explore new content,  helps acquainted with various bloggers, building a social media presence.

No Niche is a great way as it doesn’t require experienced people to blog and this might enable people of various generations to express their views on the topic of their interest. 

Conclusion : 

The idea of having a niche might be profitable but in our opinion only to those having experience in the chosen field which is the very opposite in terms of bloggers not having a particular niche, we would suggest that if you are a beginner in the world of blogging not having a particular niche will be profitable

As you have a variety of subjects to choose from, a to grow and make a successful blog you need to start from scratch.

Writing a blog isn’t difficult it is only a matter of choosing what to write about. 

Well, that’s it for now, after having discussed all the 3 Important Subjects of How to start a blog, let us know what was your journey and How did you start blogging?

Kindly let us know your thoughts & review on the same. See you in the next blog.

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