Explore the Unexplored India-1(Travel)

explore the unexplored India

Travel adds a great essence to life, for some traveling is worship they live to travel to explore the unexplored. Today we are going to explore the unexplored India and to discover themselves, nature and the beautiful hidden destinations in India.

Believe it or not, staying for almost a year during the pandemic has made us realize how important these Memories // photographs are, we all might have captured from our last vacation before Covid-19.

For this reason, we have chosen a few topics of travel in this blog where we’ll be covering the great unexplored destinations starting from backpacking, skiing to destinations at low budget and even a few for solo travelers.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”

Katie Thurmes

We will help you discover a few undisclosed places and at affordable places that can be your go-to spot for the next vacation.

So without further ado let’s start with the first topic for today’s blog.

Great backpacking destinations in India

We have chosen two places:

1)It is well known for camping under stars that is Zanskar Valley (This)

2)The other well known for trekking and skiing that is Narkanda Valley (That) 

Zanskar Valley(This) vs Narkanda Valley(That)

Zanskar Valley:

explore the unexplored India-1

Overview :  

Almost all are aware of the beautiful city of Ladakh where this Zanskar Valley is a hidden gem.

Commencing with a few of its geographical aspects, this valley is at a height of 13154 ft., and 105 km away from Leh.

One can reach this destination by air, train, and road.  June to September is a great time to visit this place.

It is also said to be a hotspot for adventures including water rafting, trekking, paragliding, among others. Also, centuries-old monasteries dot this place, making it one of the favored places for monastery lovers.

Things to do in Zanskar : 

The unique Chandar Trek or the Frozen River Trek is quite renowned and must be visited during winters.

Apart from this, Zanskar is known for its treacherous terrain for adventure lovers, such as the Padum-Darcha Trek, Lugnak Trail Trek, and Zanskar-Sham Valley Trek are of the treks that one can try.

The Zanskar River offers the best rafting experience in Ladakh, whereas motorbiking is another adrenaline-rushing activity that you can enjoy during your visit to Zanskar Region.

The Sani Monastery, Lingshed Monastery, Stongdey Monastery, Phuktal Monastery are  home to numerous monasteries, you should not miss visiting.

Also, not to miss the  Pensi La Pass being flanked by glaciers on both sides, creates a lovely sight that also separates Zanskar Valley from Suru Valley.

After discovering great mountains and adventure sports in Zanskar, to experience great snowfall, carry out adventurous activities like skiing, rock rappelling, jeep safari Narkanda Valley is definitely to be visited.

Narkanda Valley:

explore the unexplored India-1


To have one of the most amazing skiing experiences is to experience a wonderful snowfall located on the ridge of the last watershed before the Himalayan range at this beautiful Valley of Narkanda. 

Beginning with its geographical location, It is located at 8,100 feet,  and a distance of 440 km from Delhi, and is a two hours drive from Shimla.

It is indeed a serene hill town that has been blessed with salubrious weather, throughout the year.

If you are a snow-lover and have an interest in winter sports like skiing, plan your visit from October till February. 

Things to do :

Narkanda is a town that is certainly an attraction to visitors across the world.

About 65 km from Shimla, It is a small hill station that offers a spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

Hatu Peak, Hatu Mata Temple are a few of the many major attractions here. But apart from Peak Treks, various village treks introduce the peace and beauty of Narkanda, decorated with its architecture, temples, and gardens. 

Other than this it also offers a fun adventure that Indulges in rock climbing, a thrilling adventure where you climb over 100ft of rock and rappel the same height, located at Akantvadi 

After experiencing fun skiing and rock rappelling activities one can also enjoy a Jeep Safari tour, adding some adventure to the tour.

Run-on the roads of this beautiful town, along with traveling to various attractions like Hatu Peak, The Church, and Fruit Garden, or drive too far places like Sardana temple, Rampur village, and the Satluj river.

The guide will tell various stories about the attractions and the town, making it a memorable experience. 

Well overall to have an experience of both cultural heritage and adventurous trek Narkanda has to be on your “next to go” travel list.

Other than these there are also some great places like Pushkar, Dzukou Valley, Tosh, Gokarna, and Har ki dun that can certainly be explored too. 

Let us know what are some of your memorable places you would want all of us to visit. 

Well, that’s it for this blog, but next up we will be continuing with exploring the unexplored skiing destinations in India. 

Kindly let us know your thoughts & review on the same.

See you in the next blog.

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