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Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers

As a blogger, we often wonder which content writing tool is best. Relax! I’ve come up with the Best Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers.

I have experimented with many Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers over the years – some were helpful, others were useless.

When choosing a tool to write content, freelance writers need to consider several factors but most importantly two factors:

  • It should improve your writing.
  • It should help you save time.

For content writers, writing attractive headlines is the most important task. In other words, if your headline is not appealing, no one is going to click on it.

Once you have selected a headline that meets your needs. The writing begins.

I’ll share with you some tools that will enable you to be successful as a content writer and earn a good passive income as a freelancer.

Two Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers are as follows:

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer(This)

CoSchedule-Headline Analyzer helps you develop more engaging headlines that will improve your SEO rankings and social media performance.

Essentially, it helps you find keywords for your article such as power, common, and uncommon words to use in your headlines so your SEO scores are higher.

It analyses the complete headline according to its character length, word density, and powerful words that perform well.

The following is a quick snapshot of how I came up with the headline for this blog post:

Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers

2. Hemingway Editor(That)

To improve your writing skills, Hemingway Editor is the best tool for new writers and existing ones too.

It analyzes the readability of text.  Reading ability refers to how easy or difficult it is to understand a piece of writing.

Key benefits of Hemingway Editor to identify:

  • The adverbs
  • The passive voice of the sentences
  • Alternatives of harder sentences
  • Remove unnecessary words

This app can highlight difficult-to-read and complex sentences and it can also suggest straightforward replacements for complicated or confusing phrases.

It provides you with a grade based on the quality of the writing. (Don’t try to achieve too much as the article should provide meaning to the readers.)

A quick snapshot of how I wrote my blog post:

Free Content Writing Tools for Freelancers


These two tools will help you to write better and score well as a content writer. I’ll come up with another blog post for you with the other tools which are my favorite and help me to write better.

Kindly let us know your thoughts & review on the same.

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