Importance of Learning A New Language-1 (French vs German)

French and German Language

What is the Importance of Learning A New Language in Today’s world.

In today’s high-tech times of globalization where all of us can connect to almost everyone around the world through different sources, and a common language is a connecting factor. Well in addition to our mother tongue, English is a must nowadays. But is speaking English only enough? Well in our opinion, learning a New language or a foreign language is a must these days. 

Learning any second language could be a little bit tricky. It requires reading, writing, understanding, listening, and most importantly speaking. And so many students & professionals prefer to learn foreign languages from a reputable and reliable source. 

There are several advantages to learning a second foreign language. Most importantly while learning a new language or a second language it is very important to decide which language should you learn that will be beneficial to you for your growth- both professional and personal, So that’s the topic for today’s blog :-

Stay with us till the end! We’ll tell you which one is more beneficial for you as a student and as a professional.

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

Federico Fellini

Change of vision by learning a new language.
Change of vision by learning a new language

Learning a new language where we’ll be speaking about which Language you should learn along with its importance. Today we are talking about :-

French (This) vs German (That) 



Bonjour! The very beautifully spoken French language or langue française is a Romance Language that is officially spoken in 29 countries and several continents where most of them are members of Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).  Today almost 3.6% of the population around the world speaks this language. It is most widely spoken after English and alongside is taught in every country in the world. Well here are a few reasons why one should learn French.

  1. Well, first & foremost it is a language all about Love, politeness, and melody. It is a soft-spoken and easy-to-communicate language. As initially stated, adobe is a world language and spoken almost across the globe. A language of the international job market. Knowledge of the French language opens the doors of several opportunities of working in big multinational companies, speaking to international clients, going across the globe for several meetings with French clients, etc as France is a key economic partner in destination for foreign investment. French is all about its fashion, culture, art, gastronomy, and architecture. And as for a fact, Paris is the fashion city in the world, several upcoming artists, designers also need to be well versed avec la langue (with the language)  
  1. France is the world’s top tourist destination visited by almost 87 million visitors a year, it is a language of travel. The ability to speak French makes the journey in France even more fun and amazing and helps in connecting with the locals there. It makes us feel more connected to the city.
  1. Even knowing the basics and having an elementary course certificate is certainly an add-on in the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and makes us stand out from others.
  1. On completion of DELF Elementary Level (A2), makes anyone eligible to teach primary students who have just started learning the language, whereas anyone who has passed the DELF B2 exam with a good score (75& above) can certainly teach in Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges or even Coaching Institutes. ( DELF and DALF are diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the level of French-language skills of non-French speakers. The diplomas are valid for life and recognized all around the world.)
  1. Today Elementry Level (A2 of DELF) of the French language is a must for applying in the majority of the Foreign Universities, Institutes, and mandatory for those wishing to study in Paris.  
  1. Knowing the French language is an opening for learning other foreign Spanish, Italian, Portuguese languages as well.

Lastly, it is easy and fun to learn, and with several methods in the market, the learning is made even simpler and fun-loving.



German is an official language in 6 countries and a native language to almost 100 million people worldwide. It is a pluricentric language. It is the second most widely spoken Germanic language after English. Well here are few reasons to learn German:-

  1. Well let’s start off by debunking the myth of misconception that German is a tough language to perceive, and there are often jokes made that it is an impossible language to learn, but in our opinion, it ain’t so, in case you are well versed with the English Language that is an advantage and makes the road of learning German easier as the English and German take the same Germanic route.
  1. German ranks second as the most commonly used scientific language so it is a language of academics and in order to pursue higher studies especially related to research Germany is the hub of academics and knowing the Elementary level can be certainly helpful. 
  1. Not only in academics, but Germany also has the biggest economy in European Union and fourth-largest worldwide. And with the schooling done in Germany, it is made sure that every student at least knows some basics of English as communicating in a Language which is the common language in the whole world and communicating in a common native language can never go wrong, so for doing international businesses, working with German clients would require knowing some basic german and it can definitely improve your professional relationships.
  1. Like the French, German culture is also well known for its art, history, and music and is a part of the World Heritage, so wouldn’t it be cool to learn it and get into its depth?
  1.  Lastly, it is of great importance in every aspect of the world, be it professional or personal, knowing some basics of German can add a touch of spice to your personality as well. 

Which one is Better?

After having a look at all the points the selection of the language should be done on the basis of several factors such as ; 

  1. The learning purpose of the language.
  1. The technical challenges behind the selection of a particular language.
  1. The general usefulness of the language for self-development and how it would be beneficial to you.
  1. The location i.e. the demand or growth of the language in the city or your work culture.

French is slightly easier compared to German, as the differences in grammar can make German slightly difficult, so we would advise if you are starting your journey of learning a new language French could be slightly easier, well nevertheless it also depends on self-interest.  

Kindly let us know your thoughts & review on the same. See you in the next blog. See ya!

Merci beaucoup (Thanks alot – French)

Tschüss ( Goodbye – German)

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