Passion and Profession. Can you combine the two?


Passion and Profession. Can you combine the two? Well Well well …let me tell you some numbers.

Statistics based on the data collected by the University of Montreal and Canadian Census data 2016 says: More than 3/4th of the surveyed students have a passion for sports, art, music but only a 1/20th of them succeed to turn them into a profession.

Success Ke Peeche Mat Bhaago, Excellence Ka Peecha Karo, Success Jhak Maarke Tumhare Peeche Ayegi – This well-known success mantra was given by Baba Rancho from 3 Idiots.

Well but have we actually applied it in our real lives?

We often watch movies, hear people speaking about following our passion, living our dream, etc, etc but what is the ratio of following your passion vs actually achieving what you wish to do?

In today’s life of din, bustle, and brutal competition, the small child’s crazy dream often gets lost amidst the smog of expectations and fear of failure. We shut up our dreams, fill up the forms and reach our destination where we ‘should get a job at the end of our course and that would secure our insecure future.

Passion and Profession.
Confused? Passion or Profession?

So, today we are here to share our insights on




A desire an inherent feeling that gives an individual the strength of moving forward despite the obstacles to achieve desired results. The famous author J.K.Rowling lived a lifetime of poverty but continued along with her passion for writing leading to her being one among the foremost famous and wealthy writers of this era. Passion is an emotion that can also be felt in terms and it is not limited to material possessions but certainly, the boundary extends to humans and relations.

Passionate people have the ability and are real-world changers as correctly stated by Steve Jobs.

But such quotes and sayings are often easy to be said but not everyone can follow them.

Anyone who has a passion for something like music, wishes to be a model, paint, become a makeup artist understands that in today’s society it’s’ just not practical, for instance we are always taught that after the final year, we need to sit for placements, appear aptitudes and secure a job to secure our future which is often said as entering the world of reality.

While you’re busy that specialize in securing your future, how within the world are you able to find time to specialize in your passion? When you’re bombarded with schoolwork and deadlines and parties that your friends drag you too are we actually following our passion or it is the life that society wants us to live up to. No one’s naturally amazing at what they love unless you’re Chuck Norris. Discovering your passion takes time and practice, time that you just don’t have in college or at work. What’s the other option? Oh, I know! How about taking out around 15 minutes every day and spending time with yourself and discovering you.

Focus on your passion, work with dedication, and give your sweat & blood to taste success. Unless you get discovered or win the lottery (Chance is 1%).

Our society discourages artistic integrity whether we can accept it or not. The people who become performers are around 1% of the people who dream of performing and keep those dreams aside for “responsible” decisions and “securing our future”. This isn’t the way it should be, though.

What is all this for? MONEY obviously. But does always following your passion lead one to make it his profession?




An occupation with specialized educational training to attain the desired role in a particular firm or institution which has high social standards and is given utmost importance in society. 

It includes the likes of teachers, doctors, engineers, analysts, programmers, accountants, lawyers, judges, and all such people who are called Professionals.  A professional has to always abide and adhere to certain laws and ethics taught in the professional environment for instance honest with duty; have strong values and veracity; be loyal and respectful to both the vocation and the consumers. And simultaneously one should always know to strike a balance between professional and personal life and should not let any biases impact his professional decisions.

Practicing a specific profession makes that individual a representative of that field. Thus every action he takes will have an impact on the occupation. So, any action or decision should be taken with extreme care to maintain a healthy balance in both professional and personal environments. 

A keen look shows the major differences between passion and profession

Passion is an activity that provides a sense of excitement and brings out the immense joy and to whatever we like to do, while the profession is a duty that helps in fulfilling the materialistic necessities of life.

Passion may not always bring in monetary relief while the profession brings in finances.

Passion is often an emotion whereas a profession does not follow any emotion. 

A passion has no legal boundaries or codes to adhere to, usually, it is an individual sense of aesthetics and joy that is exactly vice versa to a profession. 



While both the P’s i.e. Passion and Profession are extremely important for a satisfying living, there are very few people who succeed in making their passion a profession.

While passion provides a person with vigor, a sense of satisfaction, and joy to move ahead and succeed, even more, but the profession pays the bills of a person and assists in leading a smooth life.

A balance of both elements should be kept for healthy and happy living!

Kindly let us know your thoughts & review on the same. See you in the next blog. See ya!

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